Who is F.A.S.A

Freedom Alliance SA provides a platform linking various associations, organizations and their members who stand for freedom of choice for the people of S.A. and across the globe. It is only through uniting the people of South Africa and across the world that we can rise above the divisions created to weaken us, to reclaim true freedom of mind, body and spirit.

F.A.S.A. is a growing human rights movement that seeks to reclaim our freedom and liberties which have been stripped from us and to establish a free and just society for all irrespective of the narrative or greater game plan.

We are free beings regardless of the face of a bigger agenda to strip us of our human rights, freedoms and liberties. Freedom Alliance stands strong against any and all of such agendas - for the people, with the people.

#for the people, with the people - together we are stronger

What We Are Not

Freedom Alliance is not an anti-vax group, neither is our purpose centered around covid - instead we are a group of medical professionals, legal professionals, journalists, media, parents, and activists who have amalgamated across South Africa and beyond the globe to stand together against any totalitarianism where science and medicine are dictated to by politicians and corporations.

We stand for doctor's freedom to uphold their Hippocratic oath: to do no harm and to honor human life and respect patient's rights to bodily integrity and the importance of informed consent, We stand for freedom of the individual to share their fears and beliefs and refrain from bullying or shaming in order to create one view or opinion.

#for the people, with the people - together we are stronger


Message from Paolo

FASA acknowledges the divisions of the past decades and centuries, knowing full well that freedom, peace and unity for all has never been achieved in the country we love.

We also know that many of the divisions that have caused blood to flow have been at the hands of errant leaders that have made bad decisions as well as leaders that have allowed external forces to divide and conquer us.

We, the people of this country, live with the wounds and the scars that run deep into our history. The time has come to rise above all of these divisions, noting that many of them have been orchestrated to weaken us as a collective.

I am under no delusion as to the enormity of the work required to unite this nation, but with God and every person choosing to move forward - in time I have no doubt, that we will begin to emerge from the dust of the propaganda, lies and deceit that has kept us subjugated and divided...

# One Purpose - One Voice

...We will begin to see the reality of the world, not as it is portrayed, but that it is - and in doing so, finally rise to take back our freedoms and our liberties that have been stripped away from us at an increasingly rapid pace.

Every one of us needs to stand and decide to rise above the past and to stretch out our hand to our fellow South Africans in love and move forward with ONE PURPOSE - ONE VOICE, to take down this evil Goliath that is imposing itself on us and bullying us towards a life of slavery - where every word, thought and action will be controlled and monitored.

The past was in their hands - The future is in our hands. Choose love over fear, choose empathy over hate, choose to heal over holding grudges and most of all, choose freedom over slavery.

- Paolo


Our Goal

To establish freedom from oppression through a united and effective alliance that speaks and acts for the greater good of all people.

Freedom Alliance unites the fragmented voices that agree that we face an errant leadership, both locally & globally, that is being controlled by external forces that are steering us towards a system that will control & limit every aspect of our lives - through the dictates that they are already instituting.

The power of the people can force the errant leaders in our country, to rethink their approach and realign with the will of the majority of the citizens of South Africa, whose mandate they no longer have and whose interests are not at the forefront of their actions and decision making.

Amalungelo Namuhla Nanjalo

Remember that hope is a powerful weapon

even when all else is lost.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

- Nelson Mandela

Our Vision

To see humanity triumph as love, the family unit, freedom, dignity, righteousness and values are established in our nation and the world.

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What We Stand For

Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution,
the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover
dictatorship to restrict the art of healing
to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others;
the Constitution of this republic should make special privilege
for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.

- Benjamin Rush, MD,
a signatory of the Declaration of Independence
& personal physician to George Washington

It's Time To Rise, It's Time To Unite
It's Time To Be Free Again

- Paolo

These freedoms we will fight for,

side by side,

Throughout our lives

Until we have won our liberty.

- Freedom Charter
South Africa



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