I started a platform in 2016 to discover #healthintelligence as my posts for natural integrative began getting blocked or censored on various groups for chronic pain which is how I moved from the tourism industry into natural health solutions

With the help of Dr Albrecht whose integrative approach to healing and heal dis-ease naturally, my fight to expose Big Pharma was a lonely one but the more I healed lives the bigger the fight has become.  Visit to see out blog posts for metaphysical & natural solutions products to get you back to your natural homeostasis.

I assist people with healing trauma and those who are struggling to strengthen their body, to take that first step to overall wellness .

The body, mind and soul needs natural support. Product



My network is strong as I am all for #prochoice #profreedom to find #thepeacebetween the extremists on both sides with logic & common sense ✌🏼

The connection of the mind, the gut and the heart facilitates a homeostatic environment for managing a healthier lifestyle.

To keep yourself FOCUSED, NOURISHED, CENTERED, GROUNDED, STRONGER & HEALTHIER and for a better understanding of the 11 organ systems of your body with #healthintelligence explained simply, especially if you are struggling to take that first step to find the strength & direction to get to overall wellness.

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I moved to the Western Cape to to start over at 49 to begin a new life… from scratch. I am an advocate against any form of oppression with a focus on narcissistic abuse awareness & natural recovery away from the cognitive dissonance currently happening in the world.




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