National Peace Commission

NPC was established in October of 2019, in response to the Zondo Commission: Anti-corruption Tribunal and Junk Status and also an Economic Recession. We established The Christian Coalition in 1996 and a SA Christian Chamber of Business in July 2019. We want accountability in this country and unity and solidarity.

We have everything to win and at this stage nothing to lose if we work with like-minded leadership that actually understands the social: economic or political: justice and health issues in this country in 2021. We want that in this leadership that have Meritocracy: Pragmatism and the moral compass.

We have two ideologies at war and it is dividing the people and destroying our country. We have a despotic dictator in power who wants control and we have a former president that wants a Zulu or Zuma Monarchy to control this country and more than 28 nations are caught up in this conflict. We need leaders in our country who have solutions and it is time for them to reason together in this season. Blessings and warmest of regards.