SA Synergy Alliance Group is made up of Health practitioners, scientists, legal representatives, journalists and activists


To encourage and reclaim the ethos of respectful, ethical and open debate on issues of Science, Medicine and Information (Media) that have great impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals and society.

Building a safe place for the many silenced voices with legitimate views and lived experiences to support the responsible sharing of information based on fact.

To encourage critical thinking, precautionary principle and an ideology of care. 

To share medical and scientific information that is not covered by mainstream media pertaining the global COVID-19 crisis. The aim is to seek effective solutions, which will include COVID-19 treatment protocols, awareness of COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions and the action groups will compile the necessary documentation, such as protocols, articles and legal documentation and action.

Seek to develop and participate in a global community of like-minded groups and individuals with the end Goal of Saving the Lives of the all the people we get in contact with – first in our own country expanding to the rest of the world.