Common Law ZA

telegram channel and chat group.

We are teaching people about common Law so they can learn who they are not before they can know who they really are. We all have been lied too and born into slavery. We teach people the difference between legal and lawful. We are all slaves to a system that not one of us signed on to be in.

People must understand that we are in a war for our souls.

 Like the in Matrix we are all conditioned to be slaves to a system that we never signed on to be part of. Our consciousness has been taken so that we can live in a make-believe world – the only purpose of which is to control. This is their mission: to enslave and control we the people – our language has been corrupted like everything we learned at school. We now stand as a fiction born into slavery thinking we are that fiction – teaching people the real power they have and that we all have dominion over God’s creations and that nothing people write on paper to control us applies to us carries massive power. God’s Law: do no wrong or harm to your fellow man will set us on a path of total freedom that not one of us really know. We never had freedom because we were taught that we need to be governed. This was not God’s plan for us – we enslave ourselves because we have a lack of knowledge. We need truth to set us all free… real freedom from a system that enslaved all of us for so long. Nothing works without we the people… we are the creators and driving force of this world. We need to know this.