The Greenlist is a database of businesses and professionals who respect the rights of their clients and employees and who will not discriminate against anyone regardless of who they are or what they choose for themselves.

Most of, if not all of the businesses on the Greenlist are against the jab, but our focus is less on scientific debate than the creation of an alternative to the status quo, tyranny, apartheid and authoritarianism.

The Greenlist has grown out of an overwhelming response to a discussion on a WhatsApp group that clearly identified the need for such a database.

I’d like to make it clear that the Greenlist is not an activist organisation, however, our sister site that sprouted out of the same WhatsApp discussion, is fighting the good fight and amazing at taking on the big boys for their mandates and unconstitutional practices as well as providing sound advice for employees and those discriminated against. Please check them out.

Currently we have around 120 businesses listed around SA and growing steadily via word of mouth, but any support from this group in promoting the greenlist would be much appreciated.

Listings are free and is intended to serve as a guide for like hearted individuals.

Please consider listing your own products or services on and spreading the word to those vendors who you think are worth supporting.