Heritage Circle

Women Empowerment Platform


I am Lerato Moleko, Founder and CEO of Heritage Circle Pty Ltd. a South African leader in the empowerment and investment of women. A passionate and active supporter of small business start-ups, Heritage Circle seeks to find economic opportunities, investment growth and joint participation in new markets, goods, product lines on behalf of 50+ women investors in the circle. Through RadioToday, women are introduced and also profiled as influencers, sharing their business journeys in a regular, local show.

As Founder and member of Global Women Advisory Network (GWAN), comprising of influential women in the US, UK, France, Bahamas, Africa, the platform is set as a Peer Review and Award giving mechanism showcasing talent for the multiple women businesses in Heritage Circle. The aim of GWAN is to deliberately focus on women, economic and social issues for global developmental and social enterprise efforts as well as documentaries thereof.

With previous solid background in JV’s , Executive in Human Capital at Board and Director levels,  BU start-ups, as CEO in Heritage, not only is my focus on co-creation of solutions but also on embracing the corporate disillusioned. Through addressing “the great resignation”  I offer, through diagnostic tools, readiness profiles and analysis for alternative career moves. The objective being to kick start the entrepreneurial revolution that offers much needed economic transition from corporate to enterprise for and by women.

Currently, serving as Board member, and on the Governance committee of a Community Financial Institute, and working as a Legacy Wealth Coach, focusing on sustainable wealth creation and financial freedom for women. Part of this vision being fulfilled is involvement in women partnerships to participate in alternative sustainable models to stimulate the economy. The end-goal, is to strategically partner with like-minded organizations locally and abroad, in collaborations with VC’s at start-up.

Fully engaged in farming and food security with my family, as well as community rural development projects in the areas of skills transfer, financial literacy and legacy coaching. This, I operate in the outskirts of the city, where our little family land is situated. Also plans to write and publish a book and a documentary/social film, involving the work I do and youth work as part of my sociological academic background and experience.

Heritage Circle, my organization and I, welcomes all current Intentional collaborations & strategic partnerships. As a woman founded business, Heritage Circle is looking to be involved in venture capital and joint ventures, projects and small business opportunities. Investors are sought in areas of enterprise, goods & services, property, sustainability projects (solar, energy, water, food security, shelter). The Company has also identified huge opportunities in farming, agro-processing and community development which associates are invited to collaborate with us on.

Lerato Moleko is a wife, a mother and a proud South African who lives in Irene, ten minutes outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria. A strong Believer, Lerato’s heart is in raising others up to fulfil their destinies in Christ and be everything that God Almighty Yahweh has called them to be. Lerato is a Kingdom voice to her generation, an itinerant teacher of the Word of God, as and when called upon to serve.

With previous solid background in JV’s , Senior Executive in Human Capital-Board and Director levels, BU start-ups in various industries, now Founder and CEO of Heritage Circle, and GWAN, a global network of business and professional women, the focus of these organizations is on co-creation of enterprise and financial solutions. Working with various international partners on community solutions, from agriculture, food distribution to commodities, providing a platform for growth and stimulation of the economy, these projects are close to her heart as she empowers other women. Lerato is also serving as a Board and Governance Committee member for GIG (Generational Inheritance Group). As a justice activist, having co-partnered with FASA in its vision for freedom and liberties for all South Africans, Lerato is passionate about leadership issues and justice. Through being a Legacy Wealth Coach, many have and still are coached and mentored in their business and life journeys by her. The quest for all of this, for Lerato, is to see the African child having her rightful, God ordained place, in the Continent of her birth, to the glory of Yahweh.