I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night.

A food security and eco village initiative , has been launched in the western cape since the end of February and the beginning of March of 2022 .

After nearly 6 months of planning , praying ,networking and exploring opportunities , we finally found the right land , the right farmers , the right team of support and the right experts to launch this ambitious project!

We have begun our prototype eco project on a 5 hectare farm ,close to Cape Town !

The farm has been lying ,largely fallow , for the last 5years.
Our vision is to revive the farm by beginning to grow organic food crops ,using two tried and tested methods of innovative farming !

Farming Gods way ,

This is a missionary organisation ‘s unique method , of teaching the sub Saharan African subsistence farmers , God inspired farming techniques , which maximise the crop yields ,without heavy machinery , and without artificial pesticides .

Aquaponics is the second method

This involves using fish and minimal water usage !

This can reduce the amount of water needed to farm by 90%

This is done by creating a looped water irrigation system .
The aquaponics system relies on the nutrient rich excrement of the fish , being collected and circulated to Vegetabke growing beds .

These beds then grow incredibly high quality organic veggies, from this nutrient rich water ,that has passed through special filtration systems .

Our vision is to build a community around food security!

This will include the setting up of farm schools for young children ,& medical clinics to care , for all health needs of the village,

We will also aim to provide Temporary and even permanent off grid accommodation on the farm if possible !

This will be set up on or around the farm itself .
Training is another vital pillar of our vision !

These workshops , will equip people , with all the necessary knowledge and practical skills to run their own off grid growing areas .

We hope the farm can be a prototype, that can be used as a template , to help start other farms and communities all over SA.

All we need are good hearts and willing hands !

The food and water security is the core around which the eco village grows !

These eco communities will network with other communities and create parallel off grid resources that can help support many families .

We are even looking at creating biofuel on the eco farm .

Once we have achieved this, we can be almost completely free and independent of government infrastructure !

In this way , we become one step closer, to being able to resist the inevitable tyranny , that the new world order agenda , will seeks to impose on humanity !

In the meantime we can still
Use the systems of trade and industry of this world , without becoming too dependent upon them !

This vision aims to protect communities , by making them as self sufficient as possible , and also connecting them to other farm communities that are in the same page , this in turn allows resources to be shared and traded with one another !

By securing our food and water and by creating places of refuge ,
we can live in true community and unity .

This will be essential in resisting the NWO that seeks to control every aspect of our human life

By returning to the family and to the village , we connect , with one of the most fundamental
Building blocks of human existence

Please come and join us on our journey

Chris G