Fullness in Body Mission International

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ all the time being disciples of Jesus ourselves. In this way the ministry of Christ will continue through us to the world in every generation.
Arthur Schmidt is a husband and a dad and a brother to many. Being an avid follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, after 15years of designing, shaping, developing, implementing, maintaining and supporting solutions in all divisions of the Automotive Industry on an international scale, Arthur retired his career very early to instead commit all his time to the business of the Lord Jesus Christ. Commissioned and sent by the Lord Jesus Christ, he spends his days growing the Kingdom of God by helping souls trust and obey the Lord Jesus. Having being sent by the Lord Jesus to continue His work of delivering mankind from the oppression of the Devil, Arthur is gladly fulfilling what rolls he must in Freedom Alliance South Africa for the benefit of the people of this country who are dear to God