We are a common law group , who stand for the rights of our communities , whereby we assist members and other people who are having problems , with the current vaccination agenda , and we are also very proactive with actions against this covid and NWO agenda 

Our goal is to educate as many people , in common law ( which are your God given rights ) and the common law basis to defend yourself against , this tyrannical movement that are terrorising our people 

We also have a new channel and group , which covers current news and developing issues 

Further we has a common law study group , for the members to participate 

Lastly , our CLC group has 2 research archives with over 4000 legal documents , law study books , and research links 

Our group is one of longest existing groups around , as we been running approx. 2 years 

On a last note , our group consists of many admins of groups , as well as a number of international members 

The group links below:


CLC – SA News – Emergency, Crime & Bolos

CLC – Study Group

CLC – #tag // Your SA News Chanel