Freedom of Thought

“So all this free floating anxiety is attached to, connected to, the object of anxiety indicated in the narrative. And there is a huge willingness to participate in the strategy to deal with this object of anxiety because in this way, people feel that they can control their anxiety and their psychological discontent better. So all this anxiety connects to the subject of anxiety, and there is a huge willingness to participate in the strategy and that leads up to something very specific. People suddenly feel connected again in a heroic struggle with the object of anxiety. So a new kind of solidarity, a new kind of social bond and a new kind of meaning emerges in society. And that’s the reason why people follow the narrative, why people buy into the narrative and why they are willing to participate in this strategy.“

-Professor Mattias Desmet

Desmet explains that mass formation is essentially a group hypnosis (group think) that emerges in society when four conditions are met:

  1. Lack of social bond
  2. People experience life as meaningless or senseless
  3. Free floating anxiety and free floating psychological discontent
  4. Free floating frustration and aggression

Desmet explains that all four of these conditions are currently being met, putting the majority of the population in a mental state that allows them to be essentially “hypnotized”.


I drive myself crazy trying to find logical reasons why the masses whole-heartedly accept everything that Dr. Fauci or other national and global health officials proclaim. The announcements can change with the wind, lack data to support, openly contradict what was said the day before, or include outright lies, but as long as they are echoed and supported in mainstream media, they are believed as truth. This is the result of mass formation psychosis. 

Society has been given somewhere to place their anxiety. Community has been formed around a seemingly heroic struggle against a common goal. Fighting this virus has given purpose to rudderless lives. And life has been given meaning through a global human connection, where there once was a void. Saving every life from dying of COVID is of paramount importance. All other psychological, economic, and social losses are unworthy of concern – blatantly selfish to contemplate.  

This psychological phenomenon explains why so many have bought into a clearly illogical narrative, and why they are willing to participate in the prescribed strategy — “even if it’s utterly absurd,” Desmet says. “The reason they buy into the narrative is because it leads to this new social bond,” he explains. “Science, logic and correctness have nothing to do with it.”  

Humans crave community and long for social bonds. Now that these connections have been forged, they are nearly impossible to break. Hypnotized people are unable to question the narrative being fed to them.  Take vaccinations in children 5-11 for example. There is absolutely no emergency for children. None. Yet, the FDA approved an Emergency Use Authorization vaccine for this age group. There are zero long term safety studies. But the masses eagerly line up to vaccinate their children. This doesn’t make any sense. This is reckless. There is no science to back this need up. But our leaders say it is vital. So, it must be.  

This group of people is deathly concerned with living outside of the fold. The need to virtuously comply and fit in trumps all else. It doesn’t matter that health organizations are ignoring the science of natural immunity. It doesn’t matter that the vaccine injured are being excluded from society along with the vaccine resistant. It doesn’t matter that neither the pharmaceutical companies nor the governmental authorities mandating these vaccines are responsible for any adverse effects recipients suffer.  Apparently, we all must be willing to die for the good of the group. We must be willing to sacrifice our children’s very lives, because being concerned about the safety of the vaccine is now considered immoral. It is abhorrent to die from the virus, but quite acceptable — even dare I suggest, honorable — to die from the vaccine.  

Desmet highlights the difference between a rising dictatorship and totalitarianism.  He suggests, “As a general rule, in a classic dictatorship, the dictator becomes milder and less aggressive once dissident voices, his opposition, are silenced. Once he has seized complete power, he doesn’t need to be aggressive anymore and can resort to other means to maintain control. 

In a totalitarian state, the exact opposite occurs. This is crucial for us to understand, because in a totalitarian society, once the opposition is silenced, that’s when the state commits its greatest and cruelest atrocities.” 

It has been obvious (and criminal) that for the last two years, dissenting ideas regarding COVID and the governing response have been perpetually silenced. This censorship is desperate and most unscientific. Since when is “the science” resolved? Since when is science unable to withstand questioning? Maybe it’s when the response isn’t about science at all. If the scientists were genuinely interested in keeping each of us safe from COVID, wouldn’t they be most interested in each of our antibody levels? Isn’t it perplexing how they say it is impossible to create an accurate antibody test? Why after two years are they pushing a one-size-fits-all vaccine with no accompanying measure of the real ticket to herd immunity — antibodies?  Have we had randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled studies for all of this mix and matching of boosters?  Is anyone questioning the criminalization of Ivermectin in America, while dozens of other countries are using it to greatly reduce death? Does anyone question why the unvaccinated are losing their jobs, but the vaccinated employees can still spread it? No, because the masses who are currently subject to Mass Formation Psychosis, simply comply. It is absolutely stunning to me the lack of questions being asked. And the vehemence with which the group defends the course of action. This group of people belongs to something now. And belonging is more important than searching for truth.  

At the end of the day, the global fight against COVID has brought an unbreakable bond between the members of a vulnerable group. Mass formation erases individuality. The virtuous fighters have now focused their virtuous fear and hatred on a group that is not under the spell. The unvaccinated are now the subject of intense disdain. The governor of Washington state recently called them domestic terrorists. And the masses likely agree.  Even though many unvaccinated are COVID recovered, have natural immunity and are completely safe to be around. No questions are being asked. All critical thinking is done for. 

After the Joe Rogan / Robert Malone interview, many people are wondering what Mass Formation Psychosis is. This interview, titled “Are we being hypnotized? The Phenomenon of Mass Formation” with Aubrey Marcus and Professor Mattias Desmet is worth listening to no matter what side of the fence you are on when it comes to COVID-19, vaccines, etc.