SAUV (South African United Voices)

SAUV (South African United Voices) formally ‘Smokers United’ (we were formed by the initial smokers ban and have been ‘at it’ ever since. SAUV is primarily a socio/political group and we have allegiances with Dear SA, Daily Friend, LFN and others.

We are ‘all over the show’ individually and need a collective strategy. We are firm believers in all strategies are great and it takes a thousand blows to sink the Leviathan. Ours is boycott. Hold Business SA accountable for their enforcement of these Mandates. Because our problems aren’t the politicians … it’s the bankers and large corporations. We need to shift the attitude of ‘consumerism’. We need to make people understand that every time they support a franchise such as Mc Donald’s or Amazon, we are given them more power over us. The customer is King and they (big corporate) have forgotten that.