F.A.S.A. is a growing human rights movement that seeks to reclaim our freedom and liberties which have been stripped from us and to establish a free and just society for all, irrespective of the narrative or greater game plan.

We are uniting various activist, social and civic groups within South Africa.

It is a collaboration of like-minded individuals who are constructing and facilitating solutions against the current oppressive agenda and mandates.

Freedom Alliance South Africa.

FASA believes in Freedom, Unity and Pro-choice.


We're here to unite the fragmented voices that agree that we face an errant leadership both locally and globally, that is being controlled by a global cabal and is steering us towards a system that will control and limit every aspect of our lives through the dictates that they're already instituting and the propaganda and institutional condition process they are using to achieve mass compliance for the goals behind this agenda, that they are trying to bring to fruition.

FASA aims to unify ALL South African citizens that choose to join us under one umbrella organization ultimately, whether inside FASA or aligned with FASA.

We oppose all forced unconstitutional mandates, whether current or in the future and we will continue to work tirelessly to stop them being enforced.

Freedom Alliance SA provides a platform linking various associations, organizations and their members who stand for freedom of choice for the people of S.A. and across the globe.

It is only through uniting the people of South Africa and across the world that we can rise above the divisions created to weaken us, to reclaim true freedom of body, mind and spirit.

We are free beings regardless of the bigger agenda to strip us of our human rights, freedoms and liberties. Freedom Alliance stands strong against any and all of such agendas - for the people, with the people.

The power of the people can force the errant leaders in our country, to rethink their approach and realign with the will of the majority of the citizens of South Africa, whose mandate they no longer have and whose interests are not at the forefront of their actions and decision making.

Freedom Alliance is not an anti-vax group, neither is our purpose centered around covid.

We are a group of medical professionals, legal professionals, journalists, media, parents, and activists who have amalgamated across South Africa and beyond the globe to stand together against any totalitarianism, where science and medicine are dictated to by politicians and corporations.

We stand for doctor's freedom to uphold their Hippocratic oath: to do no harm.

To honor human life and respect patient's rights to bodily integrity and the importance of informed consent. We stand for freedom of the individual to share their fears and beliefs and refrain from bullying or shaming in order to create one view or opinion.

If you oppose unfair and unnecessary mandates, help join and unite South Africans.

We can only achieve freedom through unity.

To establish freedom from oppression through a united and effective alliance that speaks and acts for the greater good of all people.

Freedom Alliances unites the fragmented voices that agree that we face an errant leadership, both locally & globally, that is being controlled by external forces that are steering us towards a system that will control & limit every aspect of our lives - through the dictates that they are already instituting.

To ensure South Africans that are against ALL the mandates unite under one umbrella.

We need the numbers to ensure we have the power and influence to stop ALL mandates forced on us by forces outside South Africa that have gained undue influence on the South African government. Whilst ultimately supporting the strategies we are developing with the growing support of the South African public whether part of FASA or aligned with FASA.

Furthermore, we will work on solutions to various problems we foresee in the road ahead whilst synergizing with similar think tanks across the country to collectively find the ultimate solutions that will empower the people of South Africa to break free from the strangle hold that these outside forces are imposing on us.

FASA is a unity group, unifying all groups in South Africa and other individuals who believe in freedom and who oppose the mandates. All members and leaders are volunteers who believe in our vision and endorse our goals

In coming together and amalgamating South Africans behind a common and righteous cause, we aim to contribute to the healing of this nation

Every South African has a stake in this country.

Within FASA there are WB (worker bee) groups/think tanks made up of member volunteers.

These groups are focusing on solutions for South Africans. They include legal, medical, education, food security, finance, parallel markets and alternative communication systems.

FASA is all about real solutions and paths to follow outside of the current oppressive system.

It's time to ask "what can I do for my country?".

South Africans have to stand up, unite and fight for themselves.

To assist in finding solutions for our future and our children’s future.

Every South African has to take responsibility and be accountable for their future by using their skills, experience and expertise in taking back and building a better South Africa for ALL.

There are workgroups set up for the people of South Africa to join and participate in.

Each group includes experienced and knowledgeable people in their field. Discussing the potential problems that lie ahead and to offer collective solutions.

It is exactly what it is, a workgroup to offer and in the future execute solutions.

A call to action for ALL South Africans.

Click here to join the group best suited to your profession/knowledge/skill base.

FASA is against anything that infringes on South Africans rights to choose and freedom.

We oppose all mandates, whether in the current arena or in the future, whether it be forced vaccinations for employees, children to the general public or any other unconstitutional mandate

In the current arena, we are against  lockdowns, censorship and cancel culture , unverified science and msm propaganda.

We have legal professionals fighting and working tirelessly against the challenges so many South Africans are facing. We can direct you to them for assistance.


FASA has a dedicated team of medical professionals onboard and in affiliated alliance groups. Contact us and we will try our very best to put you in touch with someone who can assist you.


There are numerous sources in the legal community who are opposed to these unfair and illegally enforced mandates.

These are not the only resources available to the public.

Click Here

Within FASA we have the Wb Education group/think tank that is addressing all the questions relating to home schooling and the Bela Bill.

Click Here

We are currently working on flyers and pamphlets that will be translated.

As soon as they become available, they will be released onto the FASA Channel.

Our members and the general public are welcome to download, print and distribute as far as possible.

In FASA we have Doctors and medical professionals who have taken a stand against this medical tyranny.

All this information is available on our WB medical group/think tank.

Pamphlets will be made available soon.