The ACDP is a caring Christian Democratic Party aspiring to bring stability, prosperity and hope to our nation. We value unity and diversity and are committed to protecting freedom of religion; We aspire to being leaders of integrity who can be trusted and we are passionate about addressing the needs of all the people in South Africa. The ACDP is a party ‘transitioning’ from being perceived as a ‘church’ party to being respected as a serious ‘political’ party standing for a ‘shared future’ in South Africa – in contrast to the divisive positions of other parties. In the work we do at parliament, in the provincial Legislatures and local councils we are respected as politicians carrying our weight and responsibility across a broad range of issues and portfolios. We now need to transition as a party ensuring that our structures, policy and strategy are in line with our new vision in order to promote growth and develop capacity We want to project the reality of a party – united, promoting unity and inclusive – committed to a shared future for all people living in South Africa. We will prioritise – caring, compassion and working with people to make a positive difference in their lives. As Christian Democrats we are committed to democratic, transparent structures and processes and to hearing and being the voice of the people we represent. We will do this without compromising Christian values & principles. An impression has been created that we are more concerned about moral issues than ‘bread-and-butter’ – this is not correct and the ACDP is committed to understanding the needs of individuals and communities living in South Africa and to passionately working toward meeting those needs. We value diversity and freedom of religion, culture and beliefs. We are committed to working for stability and prosperity, within our borders in relation to families and communities and to neighbouring countries and the world around us. We will focus on reducing poverty, unemployment and inequality through the criminal justice, economic and social sectors including housing, water and sanitation. In view of widespread corruption in the country there is a need for leaders of integrity who can be trusted. The ACDP believes that a good work ethic and Christian principles applied in a generous and caring manner, offer Hope for a better future for everyone living in South Africa