Welcome to our Mass Action Work Group

In collaboration with FASA Groups, Members and Alliance Partners, we use TRUTH to counter Propaganda so as to Liberate Citizens from Lies, Fear, Futility and Bondage.  In answer to the Prevailing Health, Economic, Human Rights and Faith Crisis, we Empower Individuals and Groups with the Necessary Contacts and Information to face their respective Health, Economic, Legal and Faith Challenges. 

In response to errand leadership/government, we are an Instrument to Restore Power Back to The People.  Through our Persons (Individually and In Mass), Creativity, Collaboration, Voices, Media (On-Line and Printed) We Promote Freedom and Peace.  Through a myriad of ever-growing means, we Inform, Educate, Conscript, Unite, Equip and Empower Citizens to resist and overcome their oppressors. 

The Human Rights of Every Person, which includes their Right to Choose, is very important to us, and therefore we strive to ensure that individuals have all the information with which to make a choice when such information is withheld from them by mainstream media.  For the Voiceless we give a Voice and a platform to exercise their Right to Freedom of Speech. 

Life being precious to us, we endeavour to save from premature Death, Injury, Loss of Livelihood, Despair and Bondage.  

For us to be effective we are reliant on the many groups within FASA and some without to provide support services.  This is also reciprocated in that we support the initiatives of other groups with and without being called upon to do so.  As one FASA body we are determined to facilitate the Success of each member unit for the Victory of The Whole. 

We trust the above outline resonates with you and look forward to your contribution in refining it as we go along together.