Welcome to our Alternative Finance Systems Work Group

Admittedly a new-born group with a mammoth task to select and coordinate

leadership in all the alternative disciplines within the financial and/or

institutional sector. However, there is a clear vision derived from the group on current and historical events that suggest an urgent paradigm shift

to a “Cooperative Financial Structure” that would limit the overreach of the

financial and institutional corporations levering preferential gain with

selected risk towards their clients and little transparency hereon.

Further important recognition should also be given to the oversupply of local or prominent international currencies (printing of money) And incumbent debt ratios which leads to the understanding that the current market system will have to correct itself at some time. Hence, the cost of goods or normal trade is at great risk for the average person, including investments within some institutional and/or other organizations that has exposure to these markets. Once the effect of this has taken place, one will also notice a large-scale transfer of pension/investment funds, property and infrastructure assets change hands into those corporations who purposely designed/leveraged the current system. Hence, the burden remains with the average citizen to recover his/her assets or other financial losses during these events including state owned debt.

The suggested “Cooperative Financial Structure” is not only intended for the financial sector but to extend into other sectors of the market where the members/clients could secure further majority stake holding on assets and/or goods or services. Should one only consider the agricultural sector and its complete supply chain industries, the opportunities herein are so significant and including for the most highly or low skilled individuals’ participating in such cooperatives. Herein, it may also not always require to re-capitalize on infrastructure on the short term to early achieve these types of goals should one consider existing cooperatives or privately owned enterprises in a joint venture.

Challenges on the way forward

* Selection of key industry leaders with suitable/viable alternative options

* Registering of a Cooperative Bank/ Financial services entity

* Resistance from the current financial institutions & fair playing field

* Regulations (currently an industry self-regulated system)

* Legislation (state governing authorities)

* Cooperatives membership participation

* Marketing efforts

In closing and using only part of a metaphor/words of a known personality Michael Tellinger,

“use the tools of enslavement to free yourselves without harming the interest of a greater peace-loving nation”.

Hence, we the people are the only ones that can make this happen.