Welcome to our Education Work Group

The purpose of the Education Group is multi levelled, there is no blue print nor manual for us to follow, hence the need for Communication.

Ideas need to be hashed out here.

1.  Vaccinations in schools.

  • If vaccine mandates do happen, can we fight this?
  • Who will take it on legally?
  • Equipping parents and learners with the knowledge of the legal process to fight this, documentation and legal representation contact details.
  • Information for parents on alternative schooling options.
  • Information of the risks, deaths and injuries from the covid19 jabs, there are still too many uninformed South Africans.
  • Organization of peaceful protests outside of school vaccination sites throughout SA, on and before days of vaccination.
  • Distribution of flyers.
  • Videos made and shared on social media, creating awareness.
  • Have cease and desist letters worked anywhere in the world?

2.  Home-schooling.

  • The options, process, support and social groups info throughout SA.
  • The Bela Bill must be stopped.
  • Objections letters and petitions to be sent in.
  • Peaceful protests on days of hearings.
  • Legally what are the options for home schoolers if it is passed?
  • Who are all the groups fighting this?

3.  Teachers/educators.

  • Legal info/support against discrimination.
  • Database of teachers who are now unemployed. Connecting teachers with students outside of the current system.
  • Many parents are taking their children out of schools because of vaccination and compulsory mask wearing.

4.  We need to get young South Africans on board, children are more likely to listen to their


  • FASA Info posted on Snapchat, Instagram?
  • Finding and recruiting of our youngsters.