My Personal Shocking Story

MY PERSONAL SHOCKING STORY … today  I went in to INTASURE … MY  brokers of 30 years … Wearing  a mask I arrived at the front entrance and was asked by the receptionist if I had been vaccinated …NO was my answer … to  which she responded by telling me I was forbidden to enter the building . I waited outside for the agent I had made an appointment with to bring  me the forms I needed to complete .. I sat outside in the main road of Diepriver  on the concrete steps in the wind and starting filling in the forms .. and I was OVERWHELMED  with rage .   I then took a selfie and also a photo of the front façade of the building with the company name  and stood outside the front door again and told the receptionist I was going to put this on social media every possible place I could … how disgraceful it was … and that I was a 73 year old woman sitting outside ON the ground doing business with a company that has taken MY premiums for 30 years . Suddenly every manager in the building had appeared ..  apologies were offered  .. excuses of it being company policy and nothing personal … phone calls to head office … curious staff appearing … and I was offered the board room for my private use .   I declined this offer saying it was as discriminatory as not allowing me in to now offer me the most important room in the building ..and while I had this large audience I asked the manager to give me reasons for my being more of a risk to anyone in my unvaccinated state .. seeing it has been medically and scientifically proven that whether vaccinated or not we can all contract covid and we can all spread it … the only thing that those who are vaccinated are being led to believe is that they will not die of it whereas those who are not, may … therefore this threat is purely  only a threat to the unvaccinated person himself .    There was dead silence … a few heads hung shamefully … more apologies were offered and I left  knowing that by taking a stand I had made quite a few of them think a little differently.