MAINSTREAM media actually covered a vaccine injury story – and the Canadian Government actually admitted as much.

Is the legacy media suffering from schizophrenia? Or did they finally have to resort covering a release from Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP) to placate their ever dwindling and non trusting audience? 

Kelowna BC resident and pilot Ross Wightman is the first Canadian to receive a letter from VISP, confirming what he suspected all along – that he was severely injured by his Covid injection.

It is what the injured have been trying to tell people for so long but they have largely been ignored, gaslit by their own doctors, or told it’s because they have a pre-existing condition, so it’s ‘their fault’.

In May 2021, Wightman took his first shot of AstraZeneca and had typical flu-like symptoms. Then, 10 days later, he suffered back pains, burning and stinging down into his hamstrings with severe back pain, resulting in three trips to the emergency room.

On his fourth trip to the emergency treatment room, he experienced tingling and facial paralysis. After a CT scan, blood work and a lumbar puncture, he learned about Guillain-Barre Syndrome [GBS].Eventually, Wightman was partially paralysed, unable to walk up stairs, drive, play with his young children and certainly unable to work as a pilot.

The media likes to proclaim that GBS is rare, but this has hit my family personally. My 25 year old cousin was paralysed and unable to walk for three months following his Pfizer jab and diagnosed with GBS.

I remember telling the Global TV newsroom staff where I worked and no one seemed alarmed or made the connection that is was vaccine induced. I found this infuriating and ignorant. Healthy people do not end up paralysed for nothing.

Watch the interview here

A quick internet search will show you hundreds of similar stories post jab. The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control [BCCDC] reports 10 individuals hospitalised within 30 days of receiving a Covid injection.

In Canada, CBC, Global, CTV and the National Post, to name a few of old legacy media have actually covered this story but in the same breath tell you that you need three shots to be considered fully vaccinated, in case you like playing Russian Roulette with your body.

As for Wightman, he is just one of a handful of Canadians to be approved for compensation, although the maximum payout is $284,000 and he does not qualify for the full amount.

In a FaceBook post, Wightman, whose career as an airline pilot is now in serious doubt, wrote, “How come doctors aren’t putting their hands up and waving the flag? It’s not normal to have healthy young people showing up in the emergency room with rare neurological conditions.

“Just like everything in life, make informed decisions, ask questions. The information is out there, you just have to dig a little bit unfortunately. Keep on fighting people and find your wings.”