My name is Paolo. I am a believer, a devoted father of three, proudly South African, with Italian ancestry, and by profession I am a Biological Dental Surgeon and co-founder of the South African Academy of Biological Practitioners (SAABP).

 I am dedicated to bringing God inspired change to our beautiful people and country.

I am the founder of Freedom Alliance South Africa & Global – which I started in December 2021. My compulsion to start this organisation stemmed from my understanding of biblical prophecy, which I have followed for close to 30 years, and an understanding of the times we live in and the perils I foresee in the road ahead. With this foundation and my experience of apartheid as a young man and the transition, into what we hoped would be an end to the broken ideologies of a tyrannical nationalist government, in 1994, and the beginning of a golden age for South Africa and its people as we stepped into the promise of a rainbow nation, my heart was a fertile ground for what God has called me to do. This promise was never realized and the mismanagement and corruption that ensued deteriorated to a point where the covid saga and the implementation of a national state of disaster has allowed the emergence of apartheid style policies in our country, whilst the memories and the wounds of the apartheid era were still fresh in the minds and hearts of the many that suffered at the hands of the nationalists and their policies.

I believe that God is bringing His people together in this time to bring His plan into fruition and I firmly believe that God compelled me to start this Human Rights Movement to contribute to a miracle that lies on the horizon for this country.

Freedom Alliance is working nationally and globally, to unite people and groups into effective alliances that will work together to establish freedom from oppression and reclaim our God given human rights that are being stripped from us by our errant leadership who are being influenced by charlatans of this world who are influencing their thinking and decision making. The actions they are taking by implementing tyrannical apartheid style policies and mandates are further dividing a country and the world, that has suffered the divisive consequences of broken ideologies, mismanagement and corruption over the decades, whilst been pummelled by adversity.

In coming together and amalgamating people behind a common and righteous cause, whilst honouring our Creator, we aim to contribute to the healing of our beloved country and the world -and its beautiful humans, choosing to exalt our diversity instead of it being used to divide us into factions that are easily manipulated and controlled.

FASA together with all likeminded groups and individuals, making up what I have termed as TEAM SA, will contribute to bringing about change in this country and in doing so contribute to the healing this nation so desperately needs and inspire light and hope of the miracle that is possible if we come together and speak and act as one.