Annelie Botha

Uitenhage, South Africa

  • Annelie Botha
  • Identity Verified
  • Gender: Female
  • Area: Uitenhage
  • Type of vaccination: Pfizer
  • Date of 1st vac: 17 August 2021
  • Date of 2nd vac: 29 September 2021

Annelie went for 2 Pfizer shots in Aug & September ’21. Prior to the Pfizer shots, she was in good health and had fully recovered from covid.
After her 2nd shot in Sept, she became very ill. Within days of the shot, she experienced covid symptoms but it was more severe than when she had covid. She experienced fevers, pain, weakness in her body, phlegm on the chest, coughing, headaches & said that “her senses were not the same”. As time passed, she began to notice and experience abnormal things in her body which she initially overlooked, such as sores on the tongue making eating difficult, migraine headaches, severe menopause reactions, nausea and memory loss. There are still mornings where she wakes up and does not know where she is at first. Her skin bruises very easily, cuts take longer to heal, and she experiences a runny, sticky discharge in the eyes on a daily basis.

She experienced a potentially fatal episode 4 months after her 2nd shot where she struggled to breath and experienced severe pressure on the chest and lungs, she then developed a red, itchy rash on her arms. She continues to experience these abnormal reactions on an ongoing basis.