Rudolf Visser

Hermanus, South Africa

  • Rudolf Visser
  • Identity Verified
  • Age: 61
  • Gender: Male
  • Area: Hermanus
  • Type of Vaccine: Pfizer
  • Date of 1st Jab: 19 July 2021

Rudolf Visser, a 61 year old male from Hermanus, South Africa took the Pfizer on 19 July 2021 after he got an SMS from the Provincial Hospital that he is eligible to get his free Covid 19 injection.

More or less 3 days after the Pfizer shot his left arm was lifeless and was diagnosed with a stroke. Not long after that, he got stomach aches and abscesses started to form which spread throughout his body.

After the surgery Dr said there is malignant growth spreading. Since the jab, he lost 20kg and is terminally ill.