Soreka Oosthuizen

Pretoria, South Africa

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Hello everyone,

My name is Soreka, I have been injured by the big J. No one seems to mention.

I used to be a very healthy individual and active in my community. My life is now forever changed. I am 41 years old and a clinical practitioner living in South Africa. My job is to reach out to the sick and ill. I have witnessed the miracles of life and stood at the side of the dying. Held hands and comforted the families. Today I am in such position. Needing a hand to hold on to.

This year since May I suffered severe adverse events form an injection introduced to save humanity. I developed organ failure, heart problems, internal bleeding and is currently having Guillain Berre syndrome. I have shared my story to encourage others. But now I need to be encouraged and assisted. It has taken from me all that I had. And I have no more to give. The road ahead of me is still a long recovery. And I am left without the support for it.

I live on a small farm in South Africa. I have spend the past 5 months in hospital settings. Seen my husband cry as my health decline, seen the worry in my sons eyes as he walks away from my bed. I have received so many suggested treatment options, but my funds are depleted. All I can reply is a thank you for caring I will try it as soon as I can. Knowing that I will have to choose to have these treatments or feed my family. It is so hard to do this. More than what I have ever had in mind.