Part 2: Public-Private Partnerships in the Covid Era. A Cesspool of Corporate, Government Corruption and Conflicts of Interest

A must-see presentation by an incredible mind and researcher: Fahrie Hassan

SPEAKER: Fahrie Hassan

Biography of Fahrie Hassan

Profession – Molecular Biologist.

  1. Masters of Science in Chemical Pathology (University of Cape Town. UCT).
  2. BSc Honours in Medical Biochemistry (UCT).
  3. BSc in Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry (UCT).
    Specialist background: Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, Enzymology, Immunology.

Employment History:

  1. Medical Natural Scientist in Departments of Chemical Pathology, University of Cape Town Medical School and Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
  2. Senior Lecturer in BTech Honours, Medical Genetics, Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
  3. Senior Principal Manager (Sub-Saharan Africa), Alliance Global.
  4. Principal Scientific Sales Manager, Scientific Associates.
  5. Scientific and Media Manager, South African Freeze Alliance on Genetic Engineering (SAfeAGE).
  6. Senior News Editor, Radio786 Radio Station.