Food Security

FASA brings you solutions to the food security crisis in South Africa. We proudly present 2 speakers that are leaders in FASA; they will be addressing the unfolding food crisis facing us worldwide today and moving forward.

SPEAKERS: Neil Taylor and Arthur Schmidt

Biography of Neil Taylor

Founder of the SA Food / Beverage Consumer Cooperation (SAFBCC)

We all understand the global intent of food manipulation and control of their subsequent supply chain services and it
is evident that the security and cost of food production, cannot be left in the hands of government, self-appointed institutions or large retailers whilst the bulk of our South African farmers/producers are marginalized and have many other challenges in their survival. “SAFBCC” has taken the initiative to start packaging a consumer cooperative benefit structure for you to have an interest and participate in the solutions as an individual, association or as a cooperative group with our farmers/food producers. The purpose of “SA Food and Beverage Consumer Coop.” aims to be two-fold. To secure our food industry in a well-established relationship and/or partnership with our farmers/food producers and at the same time create a
renewed growth potential into the agricultural sector with subsequent new opportunities in the supply chain services and local or national distribution networks.

This may not be an all-new concept for many or current associations, but collectively in a food consumer cooperative, we will be able to support and encourage our farmers/food producers in a greater local, regional or national level. It is well known that financial institutions, large or listed wholesalers/retailers and politicians have made it challenging for farmers to survive in the agricultural sector, to such an extent that we
“the consumer” are losing farmers/food producers on a year-to-year basis, in an industry that we so critically depend on.

We would like to invite you the consumer and our farmers/food producers, to give support by getting involved in the discussions of the “SA Food and Beverage Consumer Cooperative”. The intention is to,

  • Create a platform for consumer awareness.
  • Promote your current and related activities or services.
  • Suggest or promote new ventures.
  • Propose joint financial hubs with farmers/food producers.
  • Share advise on the purpose and cause of SAFBCC.
  • Establish an active discussion group.
  • Appoint a management team for SAFBCC.
  • Launch the official consumer cooperative asap.

NOTE: A cooperative is not a corporation but does allow for shareholding from individuals, public or private companies to participate. Herein
recognisance must be given to a cooperatives constitution as it remains a key factor to the accurate representation of all members in a cooperative and the risk associated. By members choices and other synergies, cooperatives may also operate on a primary, secondary or tertiary function,
allowing further freedom of association to extend common goals and relationships. However, SAFBCC remain intended to include all groups and to provide one platform that will allow the consumer of South Africa to scroll
information with the freedom of choice and association.

The invitation is extended to,

  • All South African citizens, age 18 and older.
  • Farmers and independent food producers.
  • Other associations, groups and cooperatives
  • Farm stalls, home industry and independent trade operators.
  • Independent trade agents
  • Independent supply chain services and logistic operators.

The purpose of this platform is to secure a cooperative national and/or local network relationship between our farmers and consumers. Herein we acknowledge existing independent supply chain services, cooperatives, new initiatives, farm stall / home industries that process or supply any food products to the consumer. Hence the request, that we only share relevant information to promote the relationships between the farmer/food producer and we the consumer.

We say thank you to all those platforms that present relevant news of the day on all industries and world development matters, we appreciate your efforts. But for those who are ready to action change in our food supply network, we invite you to join the following links,

1) The formation on an official South African farmer/food producer and consumer

2) Relevant information to promote the relationships between farmer and the

3) Other

Biography of Arthur Schmidt

Arthur Schmidt is a husband and a dad and a brother to many.  Commissioned and sent by the Lord Jesus Christ he spends his days with his brothers and sisters growing the Kingdom of God, doing good and healing those oppressed of the Devil, as God has given them grace to do so.  He has extensive experience in the automotive industry having spent roughly 15years designing, shaping, developing, implementing, maintaining and supporting solutions on an international scale.  Further, he has a fair amount of construction experience having physically built from the foundation up and trained others to do likewise, he himself having been trained by his dad whose career was in construction.  Having been raised by a family that has always done urban subsistence micro-farming, he and his brothers and sisters impart that experience to others.  In addition to this, there are a myriad of skills that have been attained from a gran that believed children should not be idle and the years spent in the mission field that are today used to benefit those who need help to simply live.  Having been raised by a family that shared that responsibility, having witnessed the sacrifices of his parents, having the affection of a wife since his youth and a dear son, brothers and sisters that surround him, he has experienced the highest order of human love, that shrinks only to the love of his God who died for him and rose again. 

It has been a long time since Arthur remembers doing something alone.  His family, biological and extended, in the hand of God, are always working together for good.  Arthur and his family are now collectively fulfilling what roles they must in support of Freedom Alliance South Africa for the benefit of the people of this country who are dear to God.  Some of those roles have included prayer, communication, activism (organizing, protesting, marching, door to door visits, informing and educating, training), networking, saving lives, aid, starting NPCs, implementing food security and entrepreneurial campaigns, assisting in co-ordinating national efforts, contributing to other initiatives within and without the FASA alliance, as well as, encouraging you to play a role in one of many sovereignty retaining solutions to this nations various problems.