Jean van Vuuren

North West

Paralyzed after Covid 19 injection

Jean van Vuuren is a 64 year old lady from Brits.
After receiving the J&J Covid 19 Vaccine she developed Guillain Barre Syndrome. This Syndrome is a rare side effect of the Vaccine.
Jean has a very severe case of GBS
On Christmas day it will mark our mums’ 4th month in ICU.
She is still on a ventilator. There is little to no attempts from her side to initiate breathing.
Her eyes are open. She can respond by moving her head a bit. She smiles when we talk to her.
The doctor says she has feeling in her arms up to her elbows.
For the rest everything is pretty much still the same.
The neurologist did inform us that there is axonal damage which only means recovery will take much longer.
They also can’t guarantee 100% recovery.