Welcome to our Legal Work Group

We draw from the mandate of FASA and from Member Expertise and interests so as to deliver in that first, and from that deal with resulting responses or risk mitigation and protection of FASA members and FASA activities, be they Free Choice Battles, Freedoms to Access to Financial Systems and Insurance Products and Health Services,  Mass Action Arrests, Protest Actions Intimidations, Access to Venues for Public Meetings and Functions Meetings, and Routine Legal Agreements and Proxy and Power of Attorney Matter etc etc

Although the Legal Group has enough to deal with internally alone, we will strategically continuously lend ear to emerging issues that affect the majority of our member base.

We wish to have a lasting and positive impact on all engagements.

Legal services aren’t cheap and also not instantaneous in terms of response times or finding that ultimate legal precedence for a case etc.

We won’t be able to always tackle or attend or address everything that gets thrown at us. It’s an impossible expectation to have or make.

Trust the broad outline resonates with the members present here and can be fine-tuned over time through our interactions and FASA experiences and lessons learned.