University Legal Cases

All4choice is a national campaign fighting for the emancipation of people against medical tyranny and coercion, fighting for our intrinsic Human rights .
We are A political, A religious, A social dictatorship.
We are in process of and have formed associations across the country, providing communities with a voice, to start humanitarian campaigns, these are in form of NPCs thereby giving every community a legal right and right to legal representation. Yaro Vogel and Tamara Victor are the lead attorneys. Starting with challenging the university mandates, case 1: Freestate4choice, was in court on 11 Feb, where matter was regarded as not urgent only on the 1st leg: interdict, thereby matter was postponed to the the 23 march to decide upon merits where we requested a full Bench to hear the e explosive matter of great national interest at freestate high court.
We are starting North West4choice taking on Nwu policy. Gauteng4choice representing UJ and Witz, then Cape4choice UWC and Stellenbosch.
By forming all these organizations we are assisting in grouping communities together for humanitarian interests and not centralizing this coercion.
Other national interest matter: Ricardo Maarman has matter pending in con court reg exclusive jurisdiction and validity of DMA, here in Cape town at Cape high court, we are awaiting judgment to suspend forceful nature of DMA to stop all the mandates EG employees and students.
We have a group of dedicated doctors assisting in exemptions and dedicated communal members fighting for our rights.
The website has all info, All is a registered NPC driving the All4choice campaign. FASA has endorsed this too and is assisting.