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Feeling Frazzled from the Frequencies?

Protect yourself and your loved ones from 5G and the dangerously high levels of EMFs (ElectroMagnetic Fields) that we are being bombarded with 24/7 with EARTHCELL’S Grounding & EMF Protection.

How Do They Work?

EarthCell’s trusted Emf protection products are sold as a set, each band is for day and night use respectively.
Earthcell’s “Day” band gives the user the ability to protect against man made dirty electricity by keeping your body electrical potential Neutral. Neutral = Good health and protection against electric and magnetic fields.The mobile band can be worn on the wrist or ankle whilst you are out and about / mobile.
The grounding band is for when you are resting or sleeping. Earthcell’s “Night” band connects the user directly to Earth, and should be used 7+ hours every evening.Not only does the band keep your body’s electrical potential Neutral (Healthy), you receive a constant flow of Earth electrons.
The Health benefits of this method are endless. EarthCell has many happy customers, some of whom have completely stopped taking pharmaceuticals for chronic conditions after the benefits of grounding every night.

  • Video demonstrating the EARTHCELL Technologies Grounding Band –
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  • Q & A with the Developer of the Grounding Bands and Dr Faiez Kirsten (who also endorses these EMF Protection devices) –


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EMF Protection And Grounding Testimonials:

  • “Greetings all. Having a real history and career in both electrical and mechanical engineering the dynamics of this incredible product is the solution to the increase in all the negative electromagnetic frequencies that we have all been exposed to with this 5G and other negative effects in our bodies and communities.
    I have personally used this in the past 3 months and there has been significant amount of change in stress levels as well as disruptive sleeping I have experienced before I began to to use Earth Cell EMR Protection. I can both recommend it and also do make an appeal to those in this group and country that have any doubts about it to contact me should you so wish to give you my views.
    It must be stressed that I do not have any financial links to this company and neither am I employed by them and there are no ulterior motives to promote it apart from the personal benefits gained by using it on a daily basis and these are the only gains that I have actually received. This is Dr Peter Munns of both a National Peace Commission and South African Christian Chamber of Business and at or 0832643267. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ”
  • “I suffer from extreme EMF symptoms, the worst being โ€“ ringing in the ears โ€“ aeroplane ears โ€“ constant head busting headaches – blurred vision โ€“ nose bleeds โ€“ extreme memory loss โ€“ complete imbalance so much so that I have suffered three injuries due to falling โ€“ bruised ribs โ€“ bruised coxic โ€“ and the latest that has left me in chronic pain for more than 9 months now rotator cuff injury.
    Put simply this is no longer a world that I can comfortably survive in and I cannot live without my EMF band. Truly a life saving Miracle band for me.” (Diana Brogneri)I cannot work on the computer or cell phone for longer than a few minutes at a time without feeling these symptoms which over the last few months have increased substantially.I used to only wear my EMF band when I went out but Emma reminded me to wear it more often two weeks ago โ€“ and I have not taken it off since, other than to shower. My symptoms have all but abated unless I am at my computer for too long in which case I start feeling them again.
  • “Let me start where my journey began. About 5 yrs ago, on the DSTV Weather channel I watched the movie Earthing/Grounding by Clint Ober. I was hooked immediately because it made such sense. I started searching on the web how to ground. I found EarthCell Technologies and they’re right here in South Africa, and I didn’t have to order from overseas. I Contacted Earthcell Technologies and ordered my kit: armband for day wearing and one for your foot, that grounds you when sleeping.
    The rest is history. It is difficult to see how grounding can benefit you when you weren’t really sick or suffering from radiation. What I’ve noticed is how my hair is growing, also my nails have to be cut every week. The rest of my body must be benefiting too. I’ll definitely continue with the grounding/earthing products. Thank you Albert.”
  • “I would like to order two more mobile bands please. My family are really happy with the results of the mobile and grounding bands and we don’t go a day without them – except for when we went on holiday and forgot the grounding bands! Thank you so much.”
    “Whenever I get the opportunity to say Thank you I will do it over and over again. Thank you so much I have now found the cure for Insomnia. I have been battling for years. I thank God for meeting with you in mid July. Since using the device I am able to sleep and haven’t had a migraine at all. I find using both is much better as I am also no longer tired. I need to mention that I have never been able to sleep during the day. I can now have an afternoon nap and am always refreshed and full of energy. This I shared with my Neurologist who did not have to prescribe Dormitol any longer which I have been taking since having the stroke. My medication intake has decreased drastically especially since no more migraine headaches. Therefore I am saying again thanks for sharing, and praying that more people can be healed or find the Peace I am experiencing. I wear my bracelet all day long and my night one without fail. God bless you Abundantly Albert”

From the developer of the EarthCell Bands:

  • “Grounding not only protects you from Emf but the electrons that you receive removes inflammation from your body. Inflammation is the base of all illness! I have seen so many people heal from so many illnesses that all I can honestly say is Thank you!”
  • “People with EHS (Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity) are highly sensitive to EMFs, I talk from longtime experience. Symptoms range from getting severe migraines daily, brain-fog, memory problems, skin lesions / issues, blurry vision, tinnitus, loss of focus and sheer fatigue (amongst many others including cancer etc). I’ve received great benefits from using the EarthCell Grounding and Mobile band set. Many of my symptoms (especially the migraines) are practically a thing of the past, except on occasion – where I’ll feel one coming on and check my wrist, realizing that I forgot to put the EarthCell band back on after doing the dishes or showering etc (they are not waterproof!!). It took me a while to get into the nightly routine of plugging in (which Albert, the developer, was always chastising me about, as the grounding health effects are immense) but am having much greater relief, improved health, energy and clarity now that I’m back in the routine and using both the day and the night band. If you live in a flat or apartment complex with no garden the Grounding and Mobile Band set will help you greatly!! (I am living proof) Thank you Albert!
    (Emma Kelly)
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