In a challenge to all business owners and individuals, the Freedom Alliance of South Africa is issuing a call to action!

We are in need of items to be auctioned off at our upcoming fundraising event. Whether it’s a gift certificate, a product, or a unique experience, your contribution will make a difference in our cause. By donating an item, you not only showcase your generosity but also gain exposure to a wide audience of potential customers. Join us in making this auction a success and help us raise the funds we need to support our important mission.

Please share this message with your network and spread the word about our cause!

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Read all about our cause here:

 Read FASA’s Press Release here

 The full set of court papers can be downloaded here

Thank you for your support!

Please visit our website before making any payments to ensure that the banking information on any of our social media posts matches the information on our website.

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