Expert Panel Finds Cancer-Promoting DNA Contamination in mRNA Vaccines.

  1. Bacterial DNA (plasmids) has been found in mRNA vaccine vials.
  2. A cancer-promoting genetic sequence—SV40—has been found in the C-19 vaccines.
  3. These discoveries have been confirmed in several independent laboratories worldwide.
  4. The discovery was originally made in April 2023 by Kevin McKernan at which point regulatory bodies were contacted.
  5. Multiple mechanisms exist in which this genetic information might be integrated into the human genome.
  6. This DNA could instruct our bodies to produce mRNA & foreign proteins for an unknown period.
  7. There is no constructive purpose identified for the undeclared SV40 promotor sequence, which in addition to its cancer risk, enhances the capacity to incorporate foreign genetic material into the recipients’ own chromosomes.
  8. There are multiple completely undeclared genetic sequences in both Moderna & Pfizer vials with the SV40 sequence found only in the Pfizer vials.
  9. Even in the absence of chromosomal integration, the DNA plasmids could generate mRNA for the spike protein toxin and other harmful proteins for prolonged & unpredictable periods of time.
  10. Integration of foreign DNA into the human genome disrupts existing natural genetic sequences; this carries further risk of disease including cancer.
  11. The C-19 vaccines qualify as GMO products.
  12. Informed consent for these products is impossible as the risks of the products have never been formally & transparently assessed by regulators.
  13. An immediate moratorium on these novel genetic “vaccines” is demanded.

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