Welcome to our PR Marketing Work Group

If you have joined our cause (to free South Africa from the One World Order tyranny), then you are well aware that this world is in the control of a ruthless, and powerful group of people with a sinister agenda. We do not know and understand the agenda fully, but we do know that they have written the history, controlled the education system, created the laws and infiltrated the governments.

In the “world” that they have created, marketing and advertising has played and is still playing an extremely important role! Their media was created to “pull the wool” over the eyes of the world, so that we will not see their evil plot that has been in the making for millennia! Their media platforms and outlet channels such as adverts, newspapers, magazines, billboards etc. were all created for one reason – to paint a false picture of our world! They used these avenues to spin their web of lies in every sector of society!

We all grew up in a world saturated and directed by the media. We all loved watching the old SABC ads. We became completely and utterly mesmerized by it! Through an array of visual ads on TV, in magazines and on billboards, they slowly painted a false and deceptive utopia! A world of peace, love, honesty and hope which they made us believe we lived in…

Every household bought their magazines and drooled over the many sensationalised stories. Hollywood stars were venerated and worshipped for their fame, beauty and wealth! What about the royal family? South Africans ate up every exposé on princess Diana, Fergie, the wedding of William etc, etc…

But, while the frenzy of media and advertising swept us away and programmed our minds to believe this false world … they stole our resources and our economy, they trafficked and killed our children, the enslaved us with high taxes and interest, they poisoned our food and even our air!

We all allowed this to happen as we followed their cleverly devised plan for decades…

NO MORE! It is time for us to hit back and hit hard!

It is true that we don’t have the financial backing which they have, but we have something better than money! We have the truth and we have each other! We are awake now to their plan and it’s time to expose it! WE NEED TO EXPOSE ALL THE LIES.

As a group of truth seekers, we were all prepared and called for this time!

We are the ones who are to shout the TRUTH from the roof tops! THIS IS OUR TIME.

I believe as FASA, a united group who strive together for one goal, we CAN and WILL turn the tables around on them and use what they “taught” us, but we will do it for the right reasons.


We need to give the people information and so gain back the power!

Don’t do what they do!

Don’t focus on what they are focusing on.

  • Their media is putting the focus on the “pandemic” and the “numbers.”
  • Their media is focussing on the vaccines and the urgency for people to get vaccinated.
  • Their media is focussing on the protecting the people from the virus through vaccines.
  • Their media paints us as “anti vaxers” and dissidents. Creating division in South Africa.

What are our media campaigns focussing on at the moment?

  • Our media is putting the focus on the false pandemic and the false numbers.
  • Our media is focussing on warning people against the vaccines and telling people why they shouldn’t get vaccinated.
  • Our media is putting the focus on the fact that there is no virus!
  • Our media paints them as “sheep” and us as the “pure bloods” and the “lions.” Creating division in South Africa.

We all know these sayings: “All publicity is good publicity” and “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”

We need to ask ourselves… Are we not also giving them publicity?


Let’s shift the attention from the pandemic and the injections TO what they did and why they did it.

  • The cabal (the elites) have been tricking and deceiving us for years! Like a magician who does a “magic” trick. The magician will show you what he wants you to see (this is merely a distraction) while the real “act” happens in the open (slight of hand).

We need to shine the spotlight not on the trick (which is a distraction) but rather on the act itself.

What is their act?

1) To keep the world from finding out, that all there corporations and even the world bank is bankrupt. That their “debtor system” that was instituted more than 300 years ago is falling apart. (We need to familiarise ourselves with the economic treaty of the 1600’s and the system that existed before the “debtor system” that we all know!)

2) They have stolen the gold that was allocated and put away for world poverty in 1945 by the Trillenium Tripartite Trilateral Gold Commission (TTTGC)  (this amounted to trillions of rands) from the South African nation.

– Look at the investigations and research that Fanie Fondse has been doing for more than 10 years.

3) They have been stealing money from the public through false and fraudulent pension companies such as Old Mutual (has never paid a banking licence and every cent that Old Mutual makes goes to the bank of London).

4) They have further ensured that South Africans stay in a grip of debt through implementing extremely high enforced taxes as well as high interest rates.

5) While keeping the average South African fighting for every cent and crippled with debt, they have engaged in the awful and illegal trade of child trafficking for their own sick means (South Africa is one of the main hubs for adreno chrome production).

6) They are implementing a new money system by which they are planning to control our every move. In order to put a new money system in place (because they cannot sustain the “debtor system”) they came up with the “best” distraction of all – a pandemic! This pandemic will cause confusion and fear! While people are fighting for their lives, they are willing to do everything the “media” (which by now has them as putty in their hands) tells them to do! A further “distraction” is the panic for vaccines and the fight against vaccines!

I feel as FASA we should align ourselves with the people like Fanie Fondse and his team to expose the truth that they are working so hard to hide from everybody.

  • As we speak the banks are all implementing a cashless system! But no-one is talking about it.


Let’s empower the people of S.A. by slowly, but surely exposing the truth!

Expose the banking system for what it is!

  • Expose the high and illegal taxes. (Who implemented the taxing system and why?)

(Our taxes are paying for all their projects and plans. – We made them rich!)

  • Expose the truth that all the banks and corporations are bankrupt and are all in debt! (Investigate the World Martial Authority – who have the legal seals that were handed down by three generations before us! Investigate common law and how it still has a higher authority than our current legal system!)
  • Expose the current corrupt economic system as opposed to what existed before! (Before the 1700’s when the treaty was formed by the nations to go into a “debtor system”.)

We need to shift the attention from the TRICK to the ACT.

Their act is to steal all the money in the world! They are greedy and that will be their downfall.

I believe that James 5 in the Bible, is speaking of this time! God will vindicate us!

It is up to us to expose them and to expose their lies. It’s time for us to resist.

FASA needs to be part of the resistance that will bring the banking system down along with the new world order in South Africa, by exposing them in every arena and sector of society.