S.A. Government is moving ahead with the National Health Act & Mandatory Vaccination policy on 14 April.

This gazette comes via Joe Phaahla.

Only way to stop it is with public comment

Email your objections to:

tsakani.furumele@health.gov.za or fill in the form on DearSA website


now it Makes even more sense why state of disaster was extended till 15 April

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The Department of Health has published new regulations under the National Health Act which will effectively act as a long-term and permanent replacement to South Africa’s state of disaster Covid regulations.

Once the regulations are approved, the Department of Health said they would be implemented without being tabled in parliament, since it is subordinate legislation already delegated to the minister.

— all people entering or exiting South Africa during a pandemic should present negative PCR tests not older than 72 hours in the event they do not have a vaccination certificate.
— continued restrictions will be placed on night vigils and after-funeral gatherings.

— Indoor and outdoor gatherings may be occupied up to 50% of the venue capacity, provided valid vaccine certificates are produced. For gatherings where no valid vaccine certificates are required, artificial limits of 1,000 and 2,000 people will apply for indoor and outdoor gatherings, respectively.
— Social distancing of one metre must be maintained.
— Face masks will be compulsory for indoor gatherings, people cannot enter public premises or make use of public transport without a mask.

The regulations also leave the door open for other restrictions, labelled as ‘advice giving’ between different departments. This advice can relate to curfew, national lockdown, economic activity and the sale of alcohol, among others.

Please click the link to have your say, and then share with all your groups and contacts. This is extremely urgent – closes 15 April.

You can even do 4 submissions – 1 on each answer…

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