Twitter Permanently Bans World Council for Health Two Days Before World Ivermectin Day

On Thursday, Twitter permanently suspended the World Council for Health (WCH_org ( from the platform without warning or detailed explanation. The suspension comes two days before World Ivermectin Day (, an initiative to celebrate the medicine Ivermectin that relies heavily on social media, specifically Twitter.

An email from Twitter indicates that the account was suspended for “violating our rules against abuse and harassment,” going on to note that users “may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. This includes wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm.” The email does not provide any examples of tweets or content that constitute “harassment” or “abuse”.

WCH supporters that are on Twitter’s platform are invited to tweet directly to Twitter (@Twitter ( and Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport ( to demand that this suspension be immediately reversed.

Despite Twitter’s attempt at censorship in the lead-up to World Ivermectin Day, the initiative will not be silenced or slowed. Help to stop Twitter censorship by sharing World Ivermectin Day memes ( on Twitter using the hashtag #WorldIvermectinDay.

“Let’s work together to get the news out about this safe established medicine that may one day save your life.” – Dr. Tess Lawrie


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