The Shocking 2025 ‘Deagel’ Forecast and Remote Viewing the future

Here’s some of the very specific data that they have come up with…
The countries that will suffer the greatest reduction in population, according to Deagel (as per 2014), are:

USA 70 percent
Ireland 69
Greece 69
UK 65
Germany 65
Israel 63
Switzerland 60
Iceland 58
Sweden 52

That’s pretty darn specific. Don’t you know.

On the Cyberpolygon, of which I have been aware for a long time.

After all, since I am a cybersecurity professional, I am well aware of this.

This will the incidence of a behemoth cyber attack.

This will occur soon after all the PR about Cyberpolygon cybersecurity (hits the “news”). As such, it will give the government authorities great “cover” so no one can claim they were asleep at the switch when a national scale false flag cyber attack occurs.

It will be an attack of such severity that it is create adequate national security threat pretext for an “internet martial law” to ensue.

A situation will occur that can more effectively suppress the so-called “Vaxx misinformation”.

This will begin by opening the door to authorities literally shutting down the DNS of any and all websites.

As well as interdicting all text messaging traffic that is deemed misinformation by their algorithms.

No of course, nothing to see here, more along. Get help. Get back on your meds. Get jabbed immediately. To save us all!

A false flag cybersecurity attack is intended to accomplish the following objectives:

[1] Stop unsanctioned crypto-currency transactions,

[2] Stop any online resistance to vaxxing,

[3] Stop the ability for the vaccine resistant to organize, and

[4] Stop any dissent to the great reset that will occur when the stock market crashes (due in part to high rates of deaths among the vaccinated, and the seemingly endless new lockdowns.)

The great reset will be touted as virtuous and compassionate.

The creeping installation of UN run internment camps all over the US for the unvaccinated will be hailed as life saving.

This will be especially true as the unvaccinated are now defined as high risk and potential terrorists.

Dependence of the populace on the towing lines of the government narrative will reach an all time high and consolidation of totalitarian power will be complete!

Welcome to George Orwell’s worst nightmare.