The Importance of Early Treatment for You and Your Loved Ones

Dear Friends,

In case you haven’t heard, The Virus is making a resurgence: in many parts of our country, the pace of infections is quickening and the burden of hospitalizations is rising. 

Are you prepared? Do you have early treatment options already on-hand at home in case you develop symptoms? 

Let me share with you the top 3 reasons why early treatment is so important: 

1. To avoid progression to more serious, organ-damaging effects. 

Early effects tend to be milder (cough, sore throat, headache); whereas once the virus spreads and establishes itself, the risk of serious damage to vital organ systems increases (pneumonia, myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, chronic fatigue, Brain Fog). 

2. To reduce exposure to spike protein. 

The spike protein is a nasty actor (as we have discussed previously), capable of creating a host of problems including inflammation of the heart and blood vessels, damage to the blood-brain barrier, damage to our mitochondria, puncture and destruction of cell membranes, and provocation of autoimmune problems.  

The longer the virus persists in your body, the greater the cumulative exposure to the spike protein.  

3. To reduce transmissibility to loved ones. 

The longer the virus lingers, the longer you are shedding infectious viral particles.  

The pre-eminent organization treating this illness, the FLCCC, states “Early treatment is critical and the most important factor in managing this disease.” 

Guess what the first two medications are on their protocol

If you or a loved one needs assistance obtaining these crucial medications, we are ready to help. (These can be purchased as a gift.)