Prof. Dolores Cahill:
‘Law versus Legal’: Importance of ‘Trail by Jury’ in Law Series (Post 1)

Act in Honour, Do No Harm:

Every man and woman has a duty in Law to prevent Harm, Injury and Death.
Every man and woman, boy and girl has an inalienable, inherent Right to Life, Travel, Speak, Privacy and Private Property.

‘Law versus Legal’
‘Trial by Jury’
‘No one is above the Law’
‘Fraud unravels All’
‘No time limit on Fraud’

Men, Women, their families and their Local Communities can restore Law in a simple and lawful way. Trial by Jury is one of the fundamental ways in Law.

In the ‘Law versus Legal’ posts here, ‘Trial by Jury’ is fundamental, a key and foundation knowledge, and to be implemented, it involves men and women working together to understand The Law and the Lawful ‘Trial by Jury’ process. In Law, Trial by Jury, can establish precedence. Men and Women can participate in a lawful Jury.

In Law, every man and woman is innocent until proven guilty.

Trial by Jury is how the Innocence and guilt of men and women accused of a crime in Law are determined.

The Law applies to women and men, girls and boys who are living.

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