Prof. Dolores Cahill: ‘Law versus Legal’: Importance of ‘Trial by Jury’ in Law (Post 2)

‘Law versus Legal’
‘Trial by Jury’
‘No one is above the Law’
‘Fraud unravels All’
‘No time limit on Fraud’

Every one of us has a duty in Law to prevent Harm, Injury and Death.
If we do not, in Law, we are as guilty as the man or woman that do Harm.

Conscience and the discernment of Right and Wrong is fundamental to the ‘Trial by Jury’ in Law.

The Law applies to all Men, Women, Boys and Girls, the Law applies to those who are alive. In Law, men and women, who are alive, are Innocent or Guilty. This is determined in a ‘Trial by Jury’ formed by 12 men and women.

The Legal System applies to non-living entities. It has a different language, legalese. Words can be defined with different meanings. In Legalese, non-living entities, like Person, Citizen can only be Guilty or Not Guilty.

In a medical treatment of a man or woman, boy or girl, the Law applies to all men and women involved. The lawful language in each Country is determined in Law for example, it is Gaelic and English in Éire/Ireland. Language is critical, the definition of words, including in Manuals and Glossarys are important.

It is straight forward to assess what language is used in lawful documents. Using the incorrect language is issuing a Counterfeit and is unlawful.
Applying the ‘Legal’ System and ‘legalese’ when say ‘English’ and the ‘Law’ can and should be applied is a criminal offence. If done by people dressed up as ‘Judges’, ‘Police’ in the course of their duty, it is one of the highest criminal offences, such as malfeasance, with up to 20 years in prison in English.

No one is above the Law.

A ‘Trial by Jury’ in Law, using say English and constituted by men and women obligated to uphold the Law, is how malfeasance and misconduct in Public Office can be decided upon.

Every one is Innocent until Proven Guilty in a ‘Trial by Jury’.

The Law applies in all Countries and to all men and women.

Knowledge of the Law underpins all aspects of our communities and Nations, including Accountability, Protection of Right to Life and Freedom.

One man or woman determined to be engaged in unlawful actions and or omissions can set Precedent in Law.