Phizer and the CDC have consistently reported relative risk reduction

Phizer and the CDC have consistently reported relative risk reduction to validate the emergency use authorisation of the spike shots for all age groups including babies , children , young adults up to age 80. In the real world a physician has always made a clinical decision regarding clinical decision making to prescribe a drug based on absolute risk reduction since from this data one calculates the numbers needed to treat to prevent a single event. When we analyse the primary outcome of the original Phizer trial it compared the two groups to report detection of so called Covid symptoms development three weeks after the second shot. A positive result was defined as a positive PCR test plus a single symptom which could be a runny nose, sore throat, cough , headache or loss of smell or taste. Interestingly enough repeated PCR tests are frequently associated with loss of smell or taste due to the toxicity of the probes. And the frequency of Covid Cases were directly proportionate to the frequency of testing, hence the huge spike of positive cases reported in NYC after the Omicron scare. Also interesting is the number of Covid Cases in Canada geographically related to the density of clusters of 5G towers in each city. This has not only been a PCR pandemic, but a 5G pandemic as well as a Chemtrail induced pandemic. I have had several reports of travellers landing I Cape Town complaining of sore throats after flight attendants have sprayed disinfectants in their faces as they boarded flights from other countries. Another devious way of scaring people into believing they need to get a Covid test as soon as they land in South Africa.