Notable issues include:

  • Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was NOT 95% effective as they claimed. The data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate for the first 7 days…then falls to less than 1% (0.84%)
  • There were no human clinical trials to determine if the experimental COVID vaccines were safe for pregnant women. They were excluded from all the trials. Instead, they tested it on 44 rats before claiming it was “safe”
  • There are a total of 9 sites revealed so far (as of May 2, 2022) of 158. Under 6.6% of the Subjects are accounted for. Where did the data relating to the hundreds of other Subjects/trial participants go?
  • Where are the 25,706 patients missing from the Pfizer data?
  • The lipid nanoparticles were found to have distributed throughout the body — in the liver, ovaries & other vital organs 48 hrs post injection