Part 1 – What is the matrix?

The popular analogy of “the matrix” perfectly describes the current situation in the world.

The matrix symbolizes a system. It derives from the Greek word matris (mother).

Which is responsible for “holding us” and providing us with the recruitments for life.

The moderns matrix would best be described as the false mother that are manipulative.

This is the shadow archetype of the mother that secretly wants to control us for it’s benefit.

The matrix is built to give us a false sense of security and to make us fell comfortable.

But what it’s really built for is to control us and to take our freedoms away by design.

It does this by encouraging a “slave mindset” instead of nourishing us with empowerment.

Our main objective as living human beings is to escape the matrix and break free from it.

For that we need to become independent and sovereign from this false system.

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Max Winter