The Ngalonde Institute is a uniquely poised knowledge and strategy Institute, founded on and inspired by endogenous wisdom from South Africa.

Ngalonde literally means ‘long arm’. The Institute arms business, public sector and governmental organizations with best-in-class strategic thinking programmes and sustainable growth solutions.

Its distinctive resources include a network of independent experts composed of leading academics, thought leaders and entrepreneurs. They are selected on the basis of their proven track record in strategic thinking, business innovation, scenario planning, strategy analysis and formulation, organizational development and/or top-level government advisory services. But most of all, their ability to deliver unique solutions for the brief or circumstance which needs to be addressed.

The Institute has accordingly developed unique signature programmes to specifically cater to the challenges faced by contemporary business, government, public service organizations, educational and media institutions.

The signature programmes of the Ngalonde Institute will enable clients to supersize organizational potential and strengthen organization’s strategic IQ. Our thesis is that strategic thinking is both the genesis of and route to sustainable prosperity. Strategic aptitude which allows one to ask the right questions and engineer the right growth coordinates is the compass of sustained competitive advantage and prosperity

In addition to our signature programmes, the Ngalonde Institute provides a prized knowledge-bank and real-time on-line access to strategists and business experts, on a subscription basis This swathe of expertise places the Ngalonde Institute in a premium position to provide strategic advice to a whole range of sectors and for diverse interests.