My fellow South African,

Today, the Democratic Alliance (DA) is taking historic and unprecedented legal action against the ANC itself, to have their long-standing policy of cadre deployment corruption declared unconstitutional and illegal.

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This means using the full power of the law to stop their entrenched practice of parachuting devoted ANC friends into jobs in the public service – especially into positions with the authority to take decisions about further appointments, and the disbursement of funds.

This has destroyed the professionalism of the public service, led to unbridled corruption, the destruction of state institutions, and a collapse of service delivery.

This court action is war on the ANC.

In Parliament on Wednesday, we proposed a new law to enforce merit-based appointments throughout the public service while making it illegal for politicians to work in the public administration.

Today, we take it a step further with this unprecedented court action.

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We are prepared to go all the way, because this is the line in the sand between South Africa being saved or destroyed.

Please stand with us.

Warm regards,

John Steenhuisen
DA Leader