Masks in the NHS

“If you are in England and your local hospital or GP surgery is still pressuring people to wear masks, please make them aware of this with a quick email or letter based on our template below.

Here’s how:

First, find the contact details for your local NHS Trust Chief executive (or search online contact details for your local GP surgery if you prefer to contact them, instead):

Find the email for your local NHS Trust Chief Executive here

Second, use our template or write your own message along these lines:

I was astonished to read that NHS England is now justifying guidance that encourages masking in healthcare settings with a computer modelling study literally labelled ‘should not be used to inform clinical practice’ on page 1 (Link:

There has never been any good evidence for masking but this must take the biscuit.

Masking is not a benign intervention, and many of the negative consequences of masking are especially problematic in healthcare settings, including: impaired communication between staff and service users; the aggravation of respiratory problems; the re-traumatising of those with histories of physical and sexual abuse; and the increased risk of falls for the elderly due to the restriction of lower peripheral vision.

There is no requirement for any healthcare settings to continue with forced masking. I am therefore contacting you to seek your rationale for continuing to pressure service users to wear masks while all other community venues and indeed many healthcare settings have progressed towards a mask-free normality?”