Magistrate sacked for public campaigning over Covid response

I am utterly speechless. This confirms what we have long known and that is that no one that works in legal services is allowed to be critical of the Government and Covid policies, despite the harms that have come from them, (that are now well known), let alone speak out about the jabs which are now recognised as causing severe illness and death for some.

This tells you everything about why the legal profession has been silent during all of this. Because they will get struck off for saying anything. Not even allowed to go to the ICC which is every person’s absolute right.

The legal profession is not there to cow tow to politicians and the government. We are supposed to be independent and hold politicians and the government to account. We work for the PEOPLE not the ruler of the day.

What’s the point of the legal profession if it is not allowed to raise concerns about serious government failures on policies that have harmed people?