Looking for Some Fresh Content and New Perspectives? Here Are 25 Channels You Should Check Out

  1. Dr. Henry Ealy – A Doctor in naturopathic medicine and noble man who’s spearheading the charge to bring forth a Grand Jury investigation against the CDC. Please sign the petition to help make that happen!
  2. COVID Con & Beyond! – A team led by Dr. Henry Ealy funding research in natural medicine and efforts to hold the criminals accountable. Again, please sign the petition!
  3. Dr. Pierre Kory – One of the kindest doctors around, going above and beyond to treat the vaccine-injured and spread the truth about ivermectin.
  4. FLCCC Alliance – Critical care physicians led by doctors Pierre Kory and Paul Marik dedicated to researching and treating COVID patients, long-haul sufferers, and the vaccine-injured.
  5. Children’s Health Defense – An organization of momma bears, doctors, scientists, and journalists, who’ve been working to expose the corruption of the vaccine industry and Big Pharma for years and years.
  6. Dr. Peter McCullough – As the most published doctor in his field in history, Dr. McCullough cites the medical literature like no one else.
  7. Dr. Harvey Risch – An esteemed medical doctor and epidemiologist from Yale who’s been at the forefront in refuting false COVID narratives.
  8. Michael Yon – Combat correspondent, writer, and U.S. veteran who’s providing unfiltered intel from the frontlines of the world’s most complex and chaotic global conflicts.
  9. Jeffrey Peterson – Spending a lifetime in technology and business, he’s teaching others to break free from spyware and take back control of their tech.
  10. Red Voice Media – Unapologetic, unafraid, and politically incorrect, they publish the stories other mainstream ‘conservative’ outlets refuse to cover.
  11. Steve Kirsch – Founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation and one of Substack’s greatest spreaders of COVID-19 ‘misinformation,’ he does a fantastic job breaking down the numbers.
  12. Dr. Lynn Fynn – This amazing and outspoken doctor does exceptional work reporting about COVID-19 as well as taking charge of your health.
  13. Dr. Simon Goddek – One of the first scientists to speak out against Drosten’s fraudulent PCR test who debunks false science and false narratives on a daily basis.
  14. KanekoaTheGreat – He has an excellent substack dedicated to election fraud, geopolitics, and truth-seeking. Enemy of government corruption and evil-doers.
  15. Chief Nerd – Pro-freedom citizen journalist focused on Western politics and COVID-19, who often breaks big-time headlines through self-investigation.
  16. UngaTheGreat – Father, data scientist, clip maker, and citizen journalist, who uses his tech-know-how to disseminate the latest trending stories.
  17. Robin Monotti, Dr. Mike Yeadon, and Cory Morningstar – These three brilliant minds make a powerhouse trio against the Great Reset agenda and the technocratic takeover.
  18. COVID-19 Up – Well-written news and information about COVID-19 that goes far beyond the effort and professionalism of the MSM.
  19. Ultra Pepe Lives Matter – In need of a pick-me-up? Check-in with your favorite green frog for your daily morale boost.
  20. DSchlopes – He’s dedicated himself to going after the scam profiles of Telegram, selling Trump coins and Meticore with someone else’s name.
  21. Jerm Warfare – This podcaster and cartoonist has a cheeky sense of humor and provides much-needed comic relief for a world gone mad.
  22. Ann Vandersteel – Fierce freedom fighter, podcaster, and truth seeker who’s unafraid to ask the tough and important questions.
  23. COVID Positive News – Learn how to detach yourself from government and destress from the negativity. Robito keeps you informed on the positive side of things.
  24. World Council for Health – Led by Dr. Tess Lawrie, this worldwide coalition steers free from conflicts of interest and Big Pharma ties.
  25. COVID Truth Network – A team of doctors, scientists, and media experts who clarify the truth about COVID-19.

Bonus – The Vigilant Fox