Latest News on Births

Sweden’s October birth rates were released: In Oct 2022, births were 8,138, and in October 2021, births were 9,316. So, live births are down 13% this year for October. El Gato recently published a good discussion in his October update. I also wrote a post on Sweden, which I published a while ago. UK stopped updating live birth statistics in its UKHSA Vaccine reports – the last update stopped at June 2022 with a 15.3% decline in live births year-on-year.

California recently stopped providing monthly data for 2021 – so we can no longer compare the 2022 numbers with 2021. Fortunately, I have a saved CSV file from October, when 2021 birth numbers were still provided. Live births in November of 2022 were 33,815. They were 35,506 for Nov of 2021, which means that California’s live births dropped 5% year-on-year for November. Germany also provides monthly live births. German statistics bureau DeStatis does not provide usable links. To get to monthly live births, visit DeStatis and search for “geburten”, then select “births”, select “births” again, and go to “Live births by months – preliminary results.” Maybe this link will work:

Unfortunately, DeStatis, like California, no longer provides live births by month for 2021 – to make it harder to compare 2022 with 2021. However, I found this tweet providing the 2021 data:

So, based on the last month available for 2022, we have a September-to-September change in births: 64348/71084 = 9.5% decline in live births in Germany for September.