Interview with Dr. Michael Holick

With a background in organic chemistry and years of experience in the vitamin D research field with massive breakthroughs, Dr. Michael Holick has loads to share in this Vitamin D & Me!™ interview. Not only was Dr. Holick the first to isolate and identify the active form of vitamin D, but also played a key role in the development of a synthetic method to make the active form of vitamin D. This is used to treat various conditions including metabolic disease in infants and children as well as patients who were wheelchair bound due to kidney disease. In this interview, learn more from Dr. Holick on: • The different forms of vitamin D and what Dr Holick’s clinical observations have been • The connection between vitamin D and calcium, their roles and how this translates to the recommendations for various age groups • Why it’s so important for pregnant mothers or breastfeeding mothers to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D and how it translates to the fetus/ baby. • and more! Plus, listen to Dr. Holick bust the myth of “you can just get sun from going outside”.