In The Name Of Human Rights And Freedom

Today, in the name of Human Rights and Freedom, the Durban Worldwide Freedom Rally, Freedom Alliance South Africa & Global Stop 5G Protest joined forces, marching to City Hall with amazing energy and support from African Freedom Revolution, People’s Revolutionary Movement, God’s Church must Rise, Info Clinic, Electromagnetic Radiation, Research Foundation of SA, Metro, SAPS and many more fabulous Freedom & Prayer Warriors Speeches were given on the steps of the City Hall interspersed with song and dance, and 2 Memorandums (from FASA & EMRRFSA) were accepted by a Captain of the SAPS, who stepped up to the plate when the representative of The Mayor’s Office did not arrive. Durban, you were amazing today, thank you for a truly Unifying experience, my heart is full

#Freedom #Unity #HumanRights #Durban #SouthAfrica