How Many People Did Discovery Health Kill In South Africa?

This week, Discovery Health, a major private health insurer in South Africa, released a report on post-covid health claims for clients covered in their Employees Scheme.

It is important to note that Discovery Health has been stringent in mandating vaccinations for their employees and equally pressuring their own clients to be vaccinated.

(The health company claims the vaccine stops transmission and that natural immunity does not work.)

I have a friend who could not enter Discovery’s offices unvaccinated – an employee sheepishly came outside to meet with him on business.

There were some pretty shocking numbers from their report. Guy Chennells their Head of Employee Benefits stated:

Claims for cardiometabolic conditions have more than tripled since 2020, with a 200% increase in claims recorded over the past year.”

Heart disease has tripled.

That is not all.

The cancer statistics may be just as bad:

He adds that there has also been a dramatic uptick in death claims resulting from cancer, compared to pre-COVID levels, with cancer deaths increasing from just two deaths per month recorded by Group Risk in 2018, to six deaths per month in 2022.

So we have a trebling of cancer and heart disease amongst employed members of the Discovery Health scheme.

These people are receiving the top medical care in Africa, and maybe the world. South African private healthcare is world-class. These people are also all working-age.

Notably, deaths are increasing in the younger cohorts – not in the elderly who were at more risk of covid issues:

“… if you look at the proportions of deaths coming from the different age groups, since the start of COVID in 2020, natural deaths are increasing more rapidly in the 35 to 50 age-band and interestingly, it’s been decreasing in the over 50s group of late.”

Curiously, says Chennells, the trend is unfolding most predominantly among higher earners and in higher income earning industries, with the average salaries of claimants increasing by 77% from 2017.

Strange, isn’t it?

What correlative factors could be at work to explain this all?

Chennells parrots out the standard party line: long covid, people not going to check-ups, and a lack of exercise.

I am sure the latter two are factors, but recall: Discovery supported the lockdowns!

Equally, long covid has been shown to be a social construct. It is odd Discovery Health and their clever experts struggle to keep up with scientific research, but they are in the business of profit and face-saving, not in truth and health.

Consider this study from researchers at Yale, the US CDC, and the University of California amongst others:

Consider also that it has been shown by Israeli researchers that covid does not lead in significant numbers to heart complications:

Post COVID-19 infection was not associated with either myocarditis (aHR 1.08; 95% CI 0.45 to 2.56) or pericarditis (aHR 0.53; 95% CI 0.25 to 1.13). We did not observe an increased incidence of neither pericarditis nor myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection.

Meanwhile, a link between the vaccines and heart disease HAS been proven:

We found that myocarditis was the most commonly reported adverse cardiac event associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which presented as chest pain with a rise in cardiac biomarkers. Further large-scale observational studies are recommended.

Are these large-scale studies underway?

Discovery could help by looking more closely at their own data, instead of muttering about long covid.

Will they?

It is doubtful, unless major legal pressure is brought to bear here.

Legal friends and readers, here is a great opportunity.

Force Discovery Health to address the question:

How many people have they killed in their lethal and draconian response to covid?